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Great Light

On this day in which the stillness and the silence overwhelms the noise I make trying to drown it out, this is my prayer:

Great Light, Mover of all that is moving and at rest, be my Journey, and my far Destination, be my Want and my and my Fulfilling, be my Sowing and my Reaping, be my glad Song and my stark Silence. Be my Sword and my strong Shield, be my Lantern and my dark Night, be my everlasting Strength and my piteous Weakness. Be my Greeting and my parting Prayer, be my bright Vision and my Blindness, be my Joy and my sharp Grief, be my sad Death and my sure Resurrection!

~Merlin – Stephen R. Lawhead


Time unfolding

A week and half, since my last post… the time for resting is drawing to a close. As I find myself back in Central Oregon, back in Bend, I am reminded more and more the purpose, the promises, the hope and vision for what will be. As I listen, I hear reminders from God’s spirit ringing and echoing… growing in waves.

You are here to tell the stories.

To quicken the heart and glisten the eye.

Life on life, story on story… people transformed as you get out of the way

and let things happen

Breathe deep the fresh wind of the Spirit.

Take joy in the kingdom of the Christ.

Love and hospitality spill over.

Faces glow as hearts beat faster

As inner vision grows clearer and what will be draws closer to what is.

My soul rises to meet you…


Laboring for peace in the midst of unrest.

Making stronger the frayed and broken.

Great bird souring above us… giving LIFE.

Light upon our hearts, making us weak and soft.

Remind us of the child

Who came… humbly…

Yet turned hearts upside down and inside out.

Shining light on dark places.

You know, oh Spirit, my heart… our hearts.

And may my soul rise to meet you in the sky.

To fly, to land, to fly again, to rise on the wind.

Unpredictable and free.