Practicing stillness

The men’s group that I am a part of has recently renewed our desire to focus on spiritual disciplines as the focal point of our gathering. Our desire is to look long and hard at our lives and listen (in ourselves and each other) for the areas that we would like to grow… areas that could use a bit more breath of the life-giving spirit.

I have been thinking quite a bit about my tendency to drown out the thoughts that are happening in my head. Music, internet, reading, movies, a beer, working in the yard, splitting wood… the list goes on… and I am continually reminded that stillness is something that is lacking in my life. It bleeds over into my presence with others, also, as I often find it difficult to sit still, pay attention, and respond out of my presence with them. I figit, daydream, or wish i were somewhere else. This is so far from the offering I hope to give to people.

So my practice is to begin sitting, without moving, for given periods of time. I am going to try 15 minutes three or four days a week. No moving, no music, no reading… just me, the Holy Spirit, my prayer, and my breath. I am also working on not moving around when I am listening to others.

4 thoughts on “Practicing stillness

  1. Naters….I”m still awake here and decided to read some of your blog….Interesting stuff here!!

    I especially liked your July 3 posting….

    Kind of reminded me of some earlier conversations!! ))))

    Also, the reason it’s hard for you to sit still and concentrate is because you are an ENFP!!


  2. Hmm…..this sounds very similar to meditation….in the basic sense. I used to sit a lot when i was in california….

    I think it is the most healthy move a person can make. I am glad you have decided to slow down in moments of your day. Before I left I noticed you continually filling your schedule….being so busy all the time can feel more productive than it is…or can be.

    All that to say im impressed.


  3. I am with Richard…I am also an ENFP and I have found rather than forcing myself into a silent, non-moving thing I have enjoyed greatly my time walking the Labyrinth.

    Just a thought…whatever works for you is good, I just know that I can’t do the silent non-moving thing it always ends up being worse than when I was working.



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