Having rested, I begin again

Hold, wait, breath…
Taking in so much, I have nothing to give…
Ok with that
Sitting for a while
Wondering when it will come.
The giving the sharing…
The face to face through the steam in our coffees
The conversation in the smoke of our pipes.
Laughing and wondering over one fine beer… or two
Grunting and yelling, diving and crashing
Separated by a tennis net or a mountain trail.

I give
Though not in words
I live
Though not in print
Active, but dormant … remaining silent

Having rested, I begin again

One thought on “Having rested, I begin again

  1. You articulate life, as it is … at this moment … for you … Keep up the process, even if it stirs up dust. It will all settle, and we will be left with a new perspective to ponder…


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