For your Consideration

As a chaplain, spiritual director and writer, my primary foundation is community building. It is my desire and joy to work for individuals, the community, and the land… making for a better future for generations to come. Spiritually, I am a mystic. I experience God in all things and all things in God. In all I do I seek to pursue more unity and more love in the world. Every thing belongs.

Nature is infused with Life. Life is what we have and it is what sustains us. It holds our beginnings and our endings. May each of us have the grace to pay attention and learn from our brothers and sisters, great and small.

We must always be in conversation. It is only in conversation that we are able to learn… together. Conversation and listening is what I do. If you need to be heard, if you need to grieve, if you want to do the work needed to grow and find a deeper sense of connection to Life and to yourself, I encourage you to contact me.



“Extremely thoughtful, well organized and well presented information. Many practical applications. Thank you!”

S.K., Grief Training attendee

“Nathan is one of the most compassionate, present and hopeful people that I have ever known and I am truly grateful to have the honor to know him. In his work at Mandala Yoga, he brought innovative and relevant programming and workshops, which covered everything from conversations on creating community to spiritual integration. Nathan’s groups were well run, organized and always open to input from the participants. Nathan makes people feel comfortable and he makes it his highest priority to connect in meaningful ways with everyone in his community. In this way, Nathan is a true leader as he forges new ways of relating and being in community with each other. He truly believes in the innate goodness in everyone and seeks to bring that goodness out in all of his interactions. It is this relentless optimism and compassion based in true integrity and professional ethics that makes Nathan such a wonderful and unique being.

The sessions I have experienced with Nathan have been truly profound and have given me greater insight into both my behaviors and psyche. Nathan’s proficiency in unconditional positive regard is one of his greatest gifts as a counselor. He also has a sharp intellect, which does not allow the client to hide. Nathan is always looking for the truth behind the personal rhetoric and will go on a journey with his client to find a path that makes more sense, is more positive and productive and brings about more joy.

As a master’s student in counseling I look to Nathan as an example of what it is to be an effective counselor.”

Tara, Licensed counselor