For your Consideration

As a chaplain, spiritual director and writer, my primary foundation is community building. It is my desire and joy to work for individuals, the community, and the land… making for a better future for generations to come. Spiritually, I am a mystic. I experience God in all things and all things in God. In all I do I seek to pursue more unity and more love in the world. Every thing belongs.

Nature is infused with Life. Life is what we have and it is what sustains us. It holds our beginnings and our endings. May each of us have the grace to pay attention and learn from our brothers and sisters, great and small.

We must always be in conversation. It is only in conversation that we are able to learn… together. Conversation and listening is what I do. If you need to be heard, if you need to grieve, if you want to do the work needed to grow and find a deeper sense of connection to Life and to yourself, I encourage you to contact me.



“Nathan is passionate in his pursuits and gives them his total devotion. He has a winsome personality and is a good communicator. Nathan has a high concern for integrity and is centered and focused in his values. I believe Nathan has demonstrated the capability necessary for any ministry opportunity he chooses. Further, he has the character that would well reflect his Christian commitment.”

Jim Taylor, Senior Pastor, Mosaic Community Church, Seguin, TX

“Nathan listens well – both to what is said and not said.  He hears and is able to capture and articulate what he perceives.  Nathan works well with people of all ages.  And he adapts his leadership style to the situation… While Nathan grasps the deeper side of things, he also brings a light-hearted and playful sense of humor and this latter draws you into a deeper and trusting relationship with Nathan.  Finally, he is curious by nature and that makes him a lifetime learner. Nathan offers a host of skills to chaplaincy as well as spiritual direction and I have observed that this work is his life’s vocation.”

Steve, Economic Development Services Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County