Talked to Jesus last week

I talked to Jesus last week
she told me that she and her family did not have
money for their hotel room
Two nights
Jesus was homeless with two kids.
Could I help?
5… 10 dollars… from each person.
Giving Jesus a place to sleep.

He called me a few days later.
This time saying he’s been sleeping in his car
For the last six months.
Jesus… sleeping in a car.
Who knew about this?
Not the people in his church.
He told me that from sleeping sitting up,
his legs were so swollen
he couldn’t get his pants on in the morning.
And who knew? Who cared to ask?

Jesus… everywhere I look.
In their eyes, their faces.
And how often I look away…
There must be a phone number I can give him to call
A shelter I can send him to.
Better that than let go of my own life for him.

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