Sharing in the divine life of the Creator

According to an old European mystery tradition that goes back to Plato, all created things share in the divine life of the Creator. In fact it was the Creator’s desire to share and expand that divene life that resulted in in creation. In a sense, by creating the planets, stars, elements, animals, human beings, all wildlife, and all the spiritual entities that exist, the Creator multiplied the forms, shapes, and possibilities for divine ife to manifest and experience itself.

Another way to put it is that divine life is such a good thing that even the Creator yearns for it, yearns to have it more abundantly, and so allows it to spill over and flow out and reshape itself in the varied forms of physical life that make up our universe. And the result is that the Creator finds all things not only good but also lovable.

God yearns for the goodness in us, in nature, and in all things, and loves it.
-tom cowan, Yearning for the Wind

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