“Islam will overwhelm Christendom…”

The summary that the person who posted this video writes:

Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.

WHAT!?!? Since when are we supposed to perpetuate Christendom?!? The fear is dripping off this video. I’m interested in what you all think about this.

According to the video, we have three options right?

1. Start increasing our fertility rate (not that this is going to help Christianity since church sizes are shrinking. We cannot count on children having the same religion as their parents anymore.)
2. Decrease their growth rate (does this mean we should start killing them more readily… or outlaw their immigration?)
3. Convert them (i mean “share the gospel” with them)… that way we have more Christians than Muslims. For what reason though? Fear of take over?

I wonder why the video didn’t give these answers from Jesus:
1. Pray for your enemies
2. Serve your enemies
3. Sacrificial love
4. He that doesn’t have love doesn’t know God
5. Make them one, as you and I are one
6. Give them food to eat, clothes, visit them in prison

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