This week: bridgeWORKS | myc | poetHouse connections

I just wanted to update what’s going on this week with bridgeWORKS | poetHouse meetings.

the shepherd the knuckleheadTonight is Shepherd and the Knucklehead. Come join us as we mix it up a bit at the poetHouse art studio. This year will be one of trying new things with our traditional pub conversation experience. Be ready for story, song, poetry, art… and of course, the chance to live the question. Click HERE for more details.

William P Young the ShackThursday night is our first installment of bridgeBOOKS bridge-ing together as we dialog the books that change us. We will be starting this week, Thursday, February 5 | 7pm. We will start at poetHouse and then decide on our location of meeting when we get there.  February we will be dialoging the issues raised in THE SHACK, by William Young… pain, healing, and our image of God (however we see him.her).

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