The time between times

…It was the fullness of time that the ancient Celts grabbed on to when they talked about the “time between times.” I suppose in my own life, these are the most profound moments. The time between times was always at dawn and at dusk. They believed it was at these times that the veil between the spiritual world and the physical world (the Otherworld and ours) was at its thinnest. There was a deep mystery during these times… one that you could almost reach out and grab… that you could breathe.

Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself… it probably depends on whether you are a morning or a night person… for me it has been in the mornings. I used to go for walks in the morning when I was at college in MN. It was especially on the wet days… fog… drizzle… sometimes with the snow… a hush in the trees. The animals waking up. A rustle over there. A bird, unseen, up in the trees. Haunting almost. But very deep and old. It was during these moments that time seemed to stand still… and I moved through it. There are so many questions that this brings up for me.

What is it about these times… the waking up and the going down. The stirring and the settling in. The rising and the falling. Movement moments. How is it that that the Spirit of God seems so alive in these times? What does it tell me about my own life and when the most valuable moments are? What am I doing during these incredibly rich times? Am I tuning in or am I tuning out?

7 thoughts on “The time between times

  1. Evenings. There’s something magical when the light starts to fade & the dark encroaches. I think of God walking with Adam in the cool of the evening. The Celts had it right; the veil grows thinner at these *between times*.


  2. Very beautiful. I love those times myself. There is a moment of heightened feeling and an almost wistfulness for something–and a burning hope if your focus is on the wonder of creation . . . and the Creator.


  3. I’m in a personal time between times myself. A 27-year marriage ended on news of my wife’s betrayal several months ago. A new relationship for me has begun to be clear in the breaking dawn, yet not clear enough to move confidently without a stumble. So I wait for Papa to shed more light on my path and on her face. I hold the future loosely now without expectation, but with an anticipation that keeps me moving forward. I reach toward Heaven, the Otherworld and feel the hand of God as he walks with me into this new day, waiting for his abundance to be poured out.


  4. Nature’s most dynamic spaces are the in-between places, where woods meets meadow, and the shoreline, where water meets earth. These are places where change is possible, nothing is fixed. I think that is also the magic we long for and experience in the in-between times. A glimpse into the fluidity that is possible in this seemingly relentlessly concrete world.


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