Opportunities in “I don’t know”

Here’s the LINK to my last article for On the Go-Go… and article below:

Things are changing fast, extremely fast, for many of us. In this time of immediate information transfer, job loss, housing foreclosure, career change, weather shifts, relocation, and instability, many of our efforts to maintain our sanity often are met with blank stares and empty ideas. Personally, each week brings new challenges and changes that I never could have expected. I have started thinking of these shifts as opportunities.

Not very long ago, though, I would have found myself freaking out, worrying, wanting to check out of the uncertainty. I grew up in an environment where we needed to have an answer for everything. Even if I knew deep down that I could be wrong about something, I at least had to work pretty darn hard to come up with as many reasons as possible why I might be right. I got pretty good at this, and up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t really need anybody. In fact, I felt as though everything that I was learning and figuring out about life was my gift to offer everybody else. I had my stuff together, and even in the uncertainty, I had the tools to get through it. I was so smart. My motto was “Even if you don’t know what you are talking about, Nate, at least don’t let them know that.”

But then something clicked for me. (Check here for the rest of the article)

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