Bend’s 2nd gathering of knuckleheads… shepherds too

shepknuck.jpgFellow Shepherds and knuckleheads,
Less than one week from today will be our second monthly gathering for any and all who wonder… who question… or who seek a place of the in-between.

Bend Brewing Company… 7pm… Monday, March 10.
Come soft… ready… expectant. May you find your self in the music and connected through story… we all have these selfs and stories and songs to share… to uncover. May Monday be the day that that might happen. At least for a short time may we find ourselves on the journey and not alone.

The question for the evening will not be released until we get there, as it is too easy for all of us to prepare our opinions and align our thoughts ahead of time. This is too hard for any shepherd or knucklehead. May mystery invite us.

Bring along a friend, spouse, sibling… stranger. The wonder, joy, and energy of our gathering together is entirely in your hands.

Bend Brewing Co… 7pm… Next Monday. March 10

See you there


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