Rachael, I wish I was in Alaska

n578494416_6902.jpgToday was the start of the Iditarod… 10:00am Anchorage, AL. Rachael Scdoris, my dear friend, is starting on her third run of the Iditarod. Kyle’s up there for the start.

I wish I was there, but here I am… in Bend. My thoughts are there, though… and I’m glued to the updates. Tear it up Rach!!

3 thoughts on “Rachael, I wish I was in Alaska

  1. Great post on the iditarod! It sure is a fun event to watch, even online…

    I’m a former resident of Nome and can’t get enough of the race….Check out our coverage of Iditarod 2008 on iditablog.com.

    I heard Rachael on the radio today in the Seattle area, she was doing a commercial for Fred Myer/Dairy Farmers… very fun.


  2. Nate, How are you doing? I am up here in Alaska waiting for Rachael here in Anchorage. Keep the good thoughts, wishes and prayers for Rachael.

    Jerry Scdoris


  3. This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! In school we are tracking the Iditarod, and we all had to choose a musher, and i chose Rachael!!!!!!!


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