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Podcast not working… here’s the audio

Hey there friends!

We can’t get the podcast audio uploaded, so here is the audio for this last week’s spiritual Integration!

Ch 6_ Thespian at the Oasis (2.23.10) (Part 2 of 2)

And in Lucius’ words:

Wow! What a night! Our largest group ever in Spiritual Integration – 20 participants, including Lucius and Nate. Thank you all for showing up so beautifully! Lots of energy tonight as we dove into our second round of conversation on Stage 3: The Thespian at the Oasis. Our conversation flowed beautifully, beginning with check-ins and poetry, moving on to further reflection on our journey so far, and touching upon all eight of the subtasks of this stage. Quite a full night! Check out the podcast for the direct transmission…

Spiritual Integration takes place every Tuesday (except 1st Tuesday) from 7:15pm to 9pm at Mandala Yoga Community in downtown Bend, Oregon, and is facilitated by Nate Bettger and Lucius Wheeler. Come join the conversation!


Nature and the Human Soul – chapter 3

Podcast and Notes

For all that joined us this last Tuesday night at myc yoga studio… wow! What a wonderful time with such beautiful people.

The dialog will speak for itself!

Here’s the link to the notes.
2010-01-19 – Outline for Chapter 3

Link for the podcast

Podcast on Bend’s Tool Lending and Service Switchboard

I did a podcast discussion in regards to the new and building tool Lending and service trading switch board at the City Church office here in Bend, Oregon.

HERE is the link.

Or here:  City Church – Monday-Podcast-7-20-09

If this is something you’d like to be involved in, please let me know your name and contact information and what tools.appliances you’d be willing to lend and/or services.abilities you’d be willing to trade. I need to get the database up to 25. I really feel that this is a way that we can build sustainable community in these changing economics… especially when the unemployment is up and the housing market is so tough for folks. It’s hard enough to find a job here… at least we can share what we have and take care of each other.

HERE is the LINK for the new Switchboard website!

An effort in village practice…

Dear community of Bend,
In an effort to begin uniting communities within Bend in ways that support sustainability and partnering in life.village practice, I am attempting to begin two community “services.”

One will be a tool.appliance library
which will be focused on giving good use to the tools and appliances that we own and sharing them with each other. This way those who are not able to afford certain items, or are simply in need of a one-time use item can contact you and borrow your available item.

If you are interested in this please send me the following information:

  • Name and phone number and email
  • Items you are willing to enter into the “library” (vacuum, washing and drying machines, lawn mower, coffee pot, garden hose, etc… the list can be as wide of variety as you are willing to offer)

The second “service” is a ability.service library. The focus here will be on individuals or families offering what they like to do as something they are willing to “trade” or offer to the community. As we develop a substantial number of people interested, people will be able to trade one service or action for another. We will create a database of services that are offered by the community that people can access if they have a need.

If this is something that you are interested in please send me the following:

  • Name and phone number and email
  • Services or activities that you are willing to offer (cooking bread or meals, making kombucha, beer brewing, cleaning, physical labor, yard work, car work, bike work, babysitting, massage, making clothing, etc… this list can be as wide of variety as you are able to creatively imagine)

Mandala Yoga community (myc) and myself (through bridgeWorks, the non-profit i work for) will be the hub.connecting pieces to make the exchanges happen or send people in the right direction. If the list gets big enough, I will send out the information to all the leaders of the various communities so that each of us has a list of who is offering what.

My hope with this “service” is to give people the opportunity to connect with each other in relational ways and not feel the need to pay money for things they need. Also, my hope is that we might use what we have rather than feel the need to go out and buy something that we will only use a couple of times. It will be up to those involved in the interaction to settle on a trade that will be of value.

Please let me know as soon as you can as to what you are willing to offer.

Hope for sustainable community and closer connections,