Let the eye see… let the mouth speak…

Let the eye see. Let the mouth speak. Let the ear hear, the heart beat, the emotion feel, the fingers feel, the tongue taste…

Community is only unified to the extent that its participants know what they bring to the table, what part they are made to play. We are here to help each other discover this. There may be things that we do naturally and without thinking… but there are also many things that we try to do… and they are not what we are made for. If we do not know what we are made for, we do not move and breathe with a singular focus. We function as a body.community in disarray and disorder.

Yet it is up to all of us to help each other. If we do not do this and we leave it up to the individual, we do a disservice to ourselves. The eye does not see for the eye’s sake. The mouth does not speak for its own sake. The ear, the heart, the lungs, the emotions, the feet… there for each other, not themselves.

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