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How we are meant to see

My eyes need softening, my gaze the balm of what they were made to behold. We were not made to stare into that blue light of our screens. The computer, the television, the phone. None of these are part of our natural way of being. It is truest for us to see in the light of the sun and the moon, fire maybe too. It is good for us to take in the hues, the full spectrum of the natural world, the constant movement, rustling, shifting, drifting, and setting of nature around us.

I know this is true because I feel part of my consciousness cloud over after long periods of time in front of a screen. I wonder how many feel this and ignore it or consider it normal. I feel my eyes burning. I feel the longing to gaze upon the natural-scape. It is there that I learn to soften my gaze. It is there that I learn how to see another human being with compassion, empathy, and love on my face. If not for a softer gaze grown and birthed from time spent seeing what my body was meant to see, I would stare at others as simply sources of information, getting only a part of my attentions, easily losing interest, there to either satisfy my personal needs or nothing at all.

Give me trees, give me grass, give me a blue sky or rain drops, let the wind bring tears to my eyes. Let me find the bird in the branches, the deer among the trunks, the fish raising the surface of the water slightly as it swims by, the snaking of the centipede under the rotten log. These will train me to see as I was meant to see. These will unify my soul with windows to it and connect my body to how it was meant to be.


Let the eye see… let the mouth speak…

Let the eye see. Let the mouth speak. Let the ear hear, the heart beat, the emotion feel, the fingers feel, the tongue taste…

Community is only unified to the extent that its participants know what they bring to the table, what part they are made to play. We are here to help each other discover this. There may be things that we do naturally and without thinking… but there are also many things that we try to do… and they are not what we are made for. If we do not know what we are made for, we do not move and breathe with a singular focus. We function as a body.community in disarray and disorder.

Yet it is up to all of us to help each other. If we do not do this and we leave it up to the individual, we do a disservice to ourselves. The eye does not see for the eye’s sake. The mouth does not speak for its own sake. The ear, the heart, the lungs, the emotions, the feet… there for each other, not themselves.