Joyful morning encounters… only in Bend…

Had breakfast at the McKay Cottage this morning with Kev and B-Mac. Entering cold, half-asleep, “wake-up music” as I open the door… loud and heavy. The perfect table situated in proximity to the fireplace… perfect. Smiling to myself as the music is turned down and changed to something a bit more “appropriate” for the common diner. I’m not a common diner. Coffee… hot… putting an edge on my slowed senses. Conversation, encouragement, laughs, challenge… all over the best breakfast I have had in a long time… my eyes bigger than my stomach. Can I have a box please?

Then… walking through downtown on my way to the coffee shop… cold… so walking fast as I freeze from the bottom up, wind needling through my jeans. Crosswalks… I’ve never appreciated them as much as I have in Bend. People so ready stop if I even get close to the road. Today was extra enjoyable as a cop approached, going fast… seeing me, slamming on the breaks, he came to a skidding halt half-way through the crosswalk. I laughed and gave him a good natured wave for that one. Only in Bend… cops skidding to a stop to let me cross the street. Nice!!

Now at Backporch… claiming my seat, holding out through the morning rush. Impromptu conversations with Nick (never met) as he needed a place to sit. Lasting through one refill, two bathroom breaks, total turn-over of customers, and at least three or four separate albums (Radiohead being one… perfect). It’s cold out and I don’t have anywhere to go… where else should I be?

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