Mystery… who gets it?!?

How do I describe mystery? How do I help another to embrace mystery and walk in it… to use it and welcome it in its drawing people? Mystery cannot be described for it would then no longer be considered mystery…. YET there is something to mystery that can be considered. And how then can another understand?

Mystery would not be mystery without glimpses of itself. A glimmer, a ripple, a shadow, a flash… a whisper. To sense this is to want more. To feel this is to thirst. But is there ever an absolute revelation of itself… to experience this would be to kill a mystery. For everything revealed, there must always be something hidden.

There is nothing more invitational and attractive… drawing… than mystery. To taste, feel, hear, experience mystery is to want more. To search and discover more mystery is to  be hooked for life. There is no looking back when one latches on to mystery. To show someone a mystery, to grow something that is shrouded in this, is to leave another salivating… dripping for a chance to be a part of something more… something bigger. And when the anticipation is at its peak, that is when the word spreads… that is when a legend grows.

One must then BECOME the mystery… live in it always… maintain it at all costs. Always holding something back. Always inviting. Never saying too much. To tell all is to destroy mystery and end the invitation.

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