Mental Gymnastics

Yesterday ended up being nothing but intensity. Breakfast… 7:00 in the morning… Darren, Bob, Ryan and I got together at the Victorian Cafe for our weekly men’s breakfast. We ended up talking post-modern and emergent theology the whole time. I can’t even get into it all here, but I must say, I spent most of the time listening and let them do all the talking. It was good, but we got quite deep for an early morning. Not to mention that I was seeing how I could get by with being cheaper than normal and didn’t order any coffee or much food.

I am excited as I have begun reading Brian McLaren‘s new book, Everything Must Change. This may be his most controversial books yet, but I think it is something that is so needed as he talks about politics, religion, social justice, and where they have gone wrong in the West. There will no doubt be some reflections here regarding the book. November 1-3 is Off the Map Live in Seattle and us from Bend should get a chance to meet him… hopefully an early morning coffee.

For dinner last night, Bob and Janet took me to Kanpai! for sushi… WOW!! It was absolutely unbelievable! I haven’t had real sushi in six years, and only then because I thought I was getting a discount and I actually didn’t. It is not something that I can afford to do… well, Bob and Janet were amazing to take me out. After this, Bob and I had a really good discussion regarding what kind of structure our community might have. Much of what we are thinking and observing is similar and I found that with both of us being NFP‘s we have devoted our lives to discretionary intuition. Don’t ask me what that means… Think: intuition and feeling without going overboard…

Our vision for this emerging community is profound and different from anything we have been a part of before. I keep thinking relational set epitomized. It is needed, here in Bend yes, but in so many other places as well. We are learning as we go… and trusting that the Spirit will show us the way.

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