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“Food is church”

So much going on these days. I suppose it is a good thing to be spending so much time actually doing things for, with, and in light of community that I don’t have much time or energy for the writing. It’s hard to sit still long enough to think through a blog post. I think the base, the foundation, for where my (and many in the community) thoughts and action take grounding is in food. Really, this is where it should be with those seeking out the village experience, as it is the means for our survival and the focal point of our gathering.

We gathered for Spiritual Integration class last night at myc yoga and our friend Jill shared her experience with food sourcing and local food security. We’ve been going through a three month dialog series on Foundations in Sustainable Community. Last night was profound… It really is pretty overwhelming to think of the rising problems of food scarcity and how we can increase our resilience as the times change. As a community, we have all that we need. With a little organization, some personal and community gardens, and more conscious spending, the possibilities are endless.

One of my favorite things that was said, thanks to Chris, was that he sees “food as church.” I guess I really do see that. Especially after our Saturday morning breakfasts. With 20-30 plus people showing up, music playing, kids running around, and food in abundance, I see it as a beautiful example of the community (the village) celebrating the gifts that we all have to give. No one has to be any certain way or believe any certain thing. All are welcome with embraces… late or early or right on time.

As we begin to pay closer attention to our bodies and what we put in them… in light of what I wrote about in the last post, it is so essential that we begin focusing on food and giving it a very important place in our communities.


Mental Gymnastics

Yesterday ended up being nothing but intensity. Breakfast… 7:00 in the morning… Darren, Bob, Ryan and I got together at the Victorian Cafe for our weekly men’s breakfast. We ended up talking post-modern and emergent theology the whole time. I can’t even get into it all here, but I must say, I spent most of the time listening and let them do all the talking. It was good, but we got quite deep for an early morning. Not to mention that I was seeing how I could get by with being cheaper than normal and didn’t order any coffee or much food.

I am excited as I have begun reading Brian McLaren‘s new book, Everything Must Change. This may be his most controversial books yet, but I think it is something that is so needed as he talks about politics, religion, social justice, and where they have gone wrong in the Continue reading Mental Gymnastics