We don’t need wealth for wisdom

Kat and I were watching Batman Begins the other night and I marveled at how easy it was for Bruce Wayne to just disappear or to go off and study with a guru… to take his vision quest or time of wandering in the Cocoon. I also remember my issues of Outside Magazine and all the article of the wealthy millionaires and their excursions, travels, and adventures… and all the money they gave to Earth restoration projects.

I was hit with a strong realization.

Sometimes, people with a lot of money can afford (if they so choose) extravagant vision quests, life transforming journeys, or sitting with the world’s greatest teachers. Many of these “away from home” transformations do cost quite a bit of financial investment to partake in.

The rest of us, though, who don’t have the financial means, shouldn’t be discouraged. It is up to us to find our transformation in the midst of everyday life. We can be just as wise, just as aware, and have just as broad of life experience. After all, sometimes those who have seen the world over, have a great difficulty truly seeing what is right in front of them.

Spirit is not only accessible through wealth.

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