How to change the world… relationships make a difference

Folks, changing the world is not as difficult as you might think. The following concept may be common-sense to some of you and it may be non-sense to others.

Think of the relationships we are all connected to. One person has multiple connections, spanning from casual to very intentional. Every person that one individual is connected to has their own set of relationships. Wouldn’t it make sense that if something happens, good or bad, in any one relationship, that it ripples out to the others?

So if we gather in community in ways that are very intentional, pure, loving, giving, challenging and we are deeply effected by these gatherings, by this community, the relationships that we engage with outside of these gatherings will in turn be effected, and their relationships will in turn be effected, and so on and so on.

I tapped into this a long time ago when I realized that every interaction we have we effect others for good or for ill. If our ripples outward are negative, well, the damage is being done. Very unfortunate that many do not see this!! But if we are making significantly positive and authentic and loving impacts in people’s lives, the ripples go out farther than we may ever know.

So, this is important right? We MUST know that the difference starts with us, with our paying ATTENTION to the spirit of love moving in and around us. We must make every effort to hold space for that beauty and authenticity to unfold.

And we must take NOTHING lightly… nothing… no interaction, gathering, relationship is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. As I like to say, what we are doing here… can change the world.

What ripples are you witnessing… or not witnessing?

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