What money has done to us… our value in community

Much of what the Tool Lending and Service Trading Switchboard is all about is getting ourselves away from relying so much on money to meet our needs and enjoyments.

Money has gotten us into the perspective that the only way we can get a return on the things we are good at or have in our possession is if we can get money back.

One of the first things that many people say when I ask if they want to get involved is to say, “Hmm… I’m not quite sure I have anything to offer… I’ll have to think about that one.” I can see the gears spinning. How much did that thing cost? Can I afford to let someone borrow it? (even though it only gets used once a month!) I don’t really have any services that might be useful to someone… (ie I’m not sure someone would pay me for what I do, so it’s not worthwhile to the community).

If you have something that gets used infrequently at best, if you have a BODY(!!), or a car, or a hobby… then you have something to share, lend, trade. It doesn’t matter if you get money for it. See, our value to the community does not have to have anything to do with how much money we make or how much money we can give for something. Our value in sustainable and transformational community, village culture, is about what we can give within the context of a relationship. The possibilities are endless!

Trading services and lending tools.appliances is about looking at ourselves from a different perspective. It’s about knowing, and living in the knowledge, that we have more than enough to go around… if we work together. We have our selves to offer… all goofy, quirky, insecure, broken parts of ourselves. What if every person in Bend, Oregon was willing to ask themselves, “What do I have to offer my community?” and then they registered that with the switchboard? The database would grow and continue growing and people would begin working together on a local to make this our lives and our earth a better place. We wouldn’t have to keep buying and buying more STUFF!

Bend would be a completely different place…


Find out more of the values of the Switchboard HERE.

Find out how to register HERE.

Check the various pages at www.switchboardbend.com for ideas of what people are already offering.

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