What if Jesus ran for president?

Would anyone vote for him?

What if someone ran for president and their whole platform was the message of Jesus? Love your enemies… serve each other… balance of power and wealth… year of Jubilee (cancelation of debts)… forgiveness of our neighbor… would anyone vote for him/her?

Would the Christians vote for this person even?

Or would it be a vote wasted?

What would happen if Jesus got elected?

This seems to me the only viable option as I seek to prioritize living in the kingdom of God over everything else as I think about the conditions it would take for me to cast my vote in the national election.

2 thoughts on “What if Jesus ran for president?

  1. A miracle would happen in that people would have to pay attention for a moment to God’s intentions for the world, but then I’m guessing there’d be a wave of disparagement and dismissal because it wouldn’t be a “money maker” for the campaign . . .


  2. P. S. There’d also be a lot of discussion and disagreement about who Jesus is and the Jesus who would be presented . . . many would want to offer other views of Jesus and therefore wouldn’t support the one brave enough to run on his principles.


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