Is there room for an opposite perspective?

Is there a day… a time… for opposites?
Is there space for the “upside-down” perspective of the kingdom of God?

I long for a different way in this world we live in.

When the world says go bigger,
I choose to go deeper.
When the world says it’s about our individual rights,
I choose community.
When the world says fight to get it,
I choose sharing.
I choose active non-violence and peace.
When the world says stay younger,
I long for older and ancient.
When the western world is paramount,
I gravitate further and further east.
In a world of noise,
I long for silence.
Where there is a desire for power and spotlight,
I seek to empower.
When they strive to live the American dream,
I want to join God’s dream for Kingdom living.
When people want the last word,
I want the last question.
In a world of professional leaders,
I hope to affirm the Spirit of God in all of us.
Where the solution is the national level,
I seek to focus locally and with no boundaries.
Where education | information is delivered by the experts,
We learn from each other.
Will the president solve our problems,
Or the message, love, and people of Jesus.
Where the world appreciates flash, show, and control,
I long for humble authenticity.
Where there are quick fixes and progress,
I look for the slow way.
Many want to see the leaves, flowers, branches,
I want to grow the roots… connecting… uniting… strong.

The American dream…
The Kingdom of God.

2 thoughts on “Is there room for an opposite perspective?

  1. NAters! I LOVE this. If only… But it doesn’t matter what the world does. It’s our willingness to make a difference when the world opposes us on every side. For me it’s terribly difficult when I am getting so many messages from millions of directions because I don’t know how to filter. I want to seek God’s truth. I wish it wasn’t so hard! LOVE U


  2. It doesn’t matter what the world does… That is the beauty of it Britt. So many times we say we will be better able to do things differently when the government is right or the church is right or our emotions are right or whatever….

    But we just have to start. We’ve got to be a way that is completely independent of all these things that will shift and change. Its the Kingdom we live for… Greg Boyd says a lot about that. I think sometimes we have to consciously choose to not invest in these other things (minus church… as it all the difference happens via Christian community) so that we can consciously devote ourselves to that which is higher.


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