Distractions and life stuff

I would say I am not really angry any more. Many, many questions around Keith’s death and no honest answers than life is tumultuous and unpredictable… and God doesn’t stop it from being that way. He doesn’t like these things to happen to any of us. I cannot yet grasp Keith being gone.

Thank God for distractions and routine. Certain things still must be done… and it is nice to have them and to jump into them. I’ve been really diving into my bonsai. Here’s a couple pics of one tree that I recently worked on. I didn’t have any idea what to do with it, but after posting some pics over at the BonsaiTALK forum, I got some direction.

I haven’t really been posting that much here as I really am finding not much to say when I am by myself. I’ve connected with a number of pastors in town who I should have met with long ago. I am excited for future friendship, partnering, and support. Mike from Fellowship Bible Church (Evangelical Free), is the new youth pastor there, and has just spent the last four years working in urban ministry in Portland. Sam is the pastor of the Mennonite church in town, the River, which has been going for two years. Both are not afraid of Emergent and willing to talk.

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