Glossing over self

Something I have been experiencing a lot lately is our tendency to cover who we really are with hypotheticals, theoreticals, and postulations. We give the appearance of going deep and thinking hard, but we skim the surface. Showing people our brain is good and well, but what about our heart, our gut, the depths of our spirit. How can we go here? How can we breathe with someone… walk together arm in arm?

What does it mean to be real?

One thought on “Glossing over self

  1. Wow, nate. For a short little paragraph you sure addressed some very difficult issues. The reality is that at some point we must simply allow our faith to change us, to believe that it is more than a conversation and is, in fact, a true conversion. In other words, God must change us, work in us, be with us. There must be something of the supernatural. Only if we let the gospel of Jesus be that personal will we be able to really carry each other’s burdens and be real with one another. Then the conversation becomes rich, life-on-life. We sometimes have to go back to the old stuff–accountability, addressing sin, “quiet time”–the things we got burned out on. And just see if new Nate, the Nate that has grown in his thinking and perspective so much over the years, can make those old habits so much more rich than they ever were before. This is rambling because it’s personal. I’m struggling with it myself. These are not answers. They are merely responses. You are a good man.


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