Waking up “hungry”

I really woke up cold this morning… and I hit the snooze two or three times so I could tunnel back into the warmth of my blankets. But as I pulled myself out of bed, I realized I was hungry. Not in the physical, stomach-growling way, but in a deep heart place. I was longing for something… eager for something more… some inspiration or Spirit-connection. I long to experience presence… of “an-other” (person-wise) or of God God’sself.

So I woke up hungry. I looked through my bookshelf, trying to find that right book… the book that would meet me where I needed to be met. A shadow, only a shadow. Music, music would bring me there… to a place of silence. And this, this is where I need to be. In a silent place. A place where the noise on the outside fades and the heart cries out from within. A place where whispers echo, breaths resound, and heart beats are the drum-beat for clarity. This is what I am hungry for.

So I listen and I watch. I see pain in faces, hear tension in voices, feel the insecurity, the preoccupation, and the hurry. Silence. I soak it all in. My hopeful response being one of love and genuine interest in return. Spirit responding to spirit.

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