Needs in Central Oregon

Bob has posted a great question here

He brings up the notion that communities of Jesus followers should be organic, growing out of the needs and perspectives of the local community. The question is what are some of the great needs and opportunities to be active Jesus followers concerned with our local context?

One thought on “Needs in Central Oregon

  1. Being and active Jesus follower?

    Yes brothers, it is true that our faith must manifest in the action of meeting needs. I tend to go too far in thinking that the only needs are poor people and the sick and homeless. But Jesus helps me to realize that the true needy folks are the ones that recognize their needyness (Matt 9). So, I need to remember that there may also be folks, crying out, who have plenty of wealth and resource. All that said, here is my partial list:
    -forgotten elderly
    -lonely and hopeless single parent families
    -wandering young execs seeking mentors
    -unforgiven and excommunicated loners
    -mental health cases
    -me (i need bob and nate)
    -my list could go on, but i love the topic…


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