The newest Music in my library… so recommended!!

I haven’t done this in a while, so I am recommending some music here. I am pretty picky about my music… and I don’t usually like it when people recommend stuff to me. We have to catch the bug ourselves… but, I have compiled this list anyway because I have definitely caught the bug. I’ll link them later.

The Format – Dog Problems (feel good)

The Streets – Original Pirate Material (brilliant brit-rap)

Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position (brilliantly melancholy and pop-y at times)

Xavier Rudd – Food in the Belly

Jefferson Airplane – Journey: Best of Jefferson Airplane (trippy)

My Brightest Diamond – Bring me the Workhorse (maybe the best in this list. Ex back up for Sufjan Stevens)

The Knife – Silent Shout (also pretty trippy. Electronic pop-ish)

Joanna Newsome –  Ys (reminds me of a minstrel with her harp and bubbly vocals… no one like her)

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