For the Record – WAR

So last night I watched, Letters From Iwo Jima. Fantastic movie! and very sad, for sure. I was struck not only by the pure brutality of war (specifically the battle of Iwo Jima), but also the insane brainwashing that people can be subject to that would cause them to feel that they are justified and honored by these acts of violence. It is so extraordinarily stupid. Now, I am not one to start arguments about war… and unless someone brings it up, I am not going to say much about it.

But for the record… War really makes me sick. War has no place in the kingdom of God. War is not in the message or person of Christ. I really wish someone could tell me some good reasons, coming from the foundation that I structure my life around, namely the way of Jesus, that would make me feel less sick about the violence and war that is happening around the world… much from the country that I happen to be living in… much in the name of the one who I am following, even though greatly erroneous.

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