I need a project

Okay, so I realized that with all this extra time, I need something to do… a hobby… a project… something different than reading, writing, and watching movies.

I’m open for suggestions, in fact I need some suggestions.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:
– Tying flies (this would be good, if I knew that I was going to fly fish in the spring)
– Building a canoe (Kyle may be able to come up with some wood for this… not sure if one can do this in the winter)
– Get more plants (this can only go so far)
– Clean (again, only so far)
– Organize my file cabinet (definitely not a hobby)
– Start sewing, crocheting, etc (NOT!!)
– Feed the birds (oh wait, already do that… sun goes down, birds go away)
– Do more coffee roasting (Gotta drink that coffee)
– Paint (egh, not my thing)
– Weave baskets (in my TUB?!?)
Alright. I need some more ideas. Help me out. 

6 thoughts on “I need a project

  1. Okay, I will order one right away. She should be scheduled to hang out with me by next week… oh, I’d say about Wednesday or Thursday. Gosh, I can’t wait.

    Hah! I wish it was that easy…


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