Renewed dedication to… something…

It seems like daily I am trying to refocus, reorient myself, and rededicate my time to doing something worthwhile and meaningful. I should probably add that this happens daily because by the end of the day, I have begun to lose it. So, I am trying a new strategy… refocusing the night before… and then moving it earlier and earlier so that I focused all the time. Yah right.

I just realized, after stumbling across the Greg Boyd’s brilliant blog,  that I really could do a better job applying myself to my writing. Now, I will never claim to be as talented, or as humorous, as my one time professor and much later time hero, Greg, but copying and pasting other blog entries is simply a way to fill space. I just so turns out that I have a LOT of time… not because I want it, per se, but  more or less because there just isn’t anything else going for me right now. With a quiet and empty house, no dog, no girlfriend, friends in school or busy, and the birds going to bed earlier and earlier (not that big of an issue ;)), I just can’t find enough to do. I know it won’t always be this way.

I also came to realize to day that my conversation ability is strangely lacking, in the sense that when it comes down to getting my point across, I am really not very good at it. More confusing than anything else… so in that sense people are perhaps better off before I started talking than after. Most people tend to get a glazed look in their eyes before I get half-way through what I want to say. To further, jab the knife in, one of the guys in our Sunday night group kept dozing off… only when I was saying something. Alas, perhaps God has made me a better listener than talker. That’s not all bad. Point, Nate, point… basically, I imagine that writing and getting this out in a line may help in putting thoughts together into coherent sentences. Hopefully…

So here’s to rededications.  Onward!

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