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Who’s in and Who’s out!

… because I can’t say it any better myself. Here’s some good driving audio. Please, please listen. Also, take the survey that is posted below. Here’s a sermon from Greg Boyd, of Woodland Hills church, talking about the banquet parable and who’s invited into the kingdom.

This has it all: the demonic-ness of religiousity, “laying the smack down” on Christians that think they have it all figured out… the Holy Club (self-righteous), “God on the side of America,” priorities of Jesus followers, the God revealed in Jesus, the loving invitation that God gives to humanity. Sooo good!

Greg boyd_the-upside-down-invitation – 2008-10-12_

And some extra words for thought from Shane Claiborne – Jesus for President

Perhaps the world would be willing to listen to a church on its knees, a church that doesn’t pretend to be perfect or to have all the answers. As we move toward hope and imagination, let’s begin with confession and call it like it is. We are in a mess. And it’s not just the world that’s in a mess. The calling and identity of the people of God in the midst of this world have become even more muddled…

Jesus is forming a new kind of people, a different kind of party, whose peculiar politics are embodied in who we are. The church is a people called out of the world to embody a social alternative that the world cannot know on its own terms…

If someone asks if we are Christ-followers, can we say, “Tell me what you see”? Is tehre enough evidence to prove that we are taking after the slaughtered Lamb? What if they ask the poor around us? What if they ask our enemies? Would they say that we love them? Christians havn’t always looked like Jesus. Perhaps the greatest barrier to Christ has been Christians who pronounce Jesus so loudly with their lips and deny him so loudly with their lives.


The Warrior type

I diverge from my thoughts on community, with thoughts on the warrior in some of us. My friend, Bonny, from MN, had a post about the warrior in her daughter. She asks the question, are fierce warrior types ever aware of their presence or status?

As one who is beginning to see|recognize|give life to the warrior in myself, I left the follow thoughts.

I think we become into a deeper realization of the warrior in us. When we begin to realize that this is us, new meaning seeps into our life, sometimes floods. I think though that the challenge of the warrior is to hone and develop the character to “war” and “battle” in constructive ways. We are not necessarily recognized by those around us… until we find those who speak our language and can go to battle with us.

The warrior… some of us have it in us. It makes us fight, tooth, claw, and nail, for the things we love. It gives our lives an epic feel… a sense that there is a deeper purpose to our lives, and if we do not pursue that we are less than the men and women we are made to be. We go into our lives with our heads held high and our mission before us. And at the end of the day… the question we ask ourselves is not, “Did I have fun?” but “Did I do what I was supposed to do?”

It’s strange for me to claim the warrior in myself, being one who is apposed to violence, war, and anger. And yet, in the midst of my very contemplative personality, I can say that still there is a strong warrior inside. I have begun to identify more and more this character inside me as I have delved more deeply into the Celtic story. Thanks to Stephen Lawhead for the many ongoing years of foundation.

I realize that we are indeed called to battle of a kind. We are reminded by Paul that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” We ARE called to battle… but as Greg Boyd puts it so well, when we bring the battle to other humans, we are fighting the wrong enemy. I do not see that fighting hate with hate, death with death, fear with fear, is the way of the true warrior. To love is to drive out fear. It is this I battle for.

And for the daily need for battle and hunger for victory… well, there is always a competition to be had. For me, it’s the tennis, the board games, the mountain biking, the log splitting, the ranch work, and the study. Victory, even defeat, when found in constructive ways, has never felt so good.

Renewed dedication to… something…

It seems like daily I am trying to refocus, reorient myself, and rededicate my time to doing something worthwhile and meaningful. I should probably add that this happens daily because by the end of the day, I have begun to lose it. So, I am trying a new strategy… refocusing the night before… and then moving it earlier and earlier so that I focused all the time. Yah right.

I just realized, after stumbling across the Greg Boyd’s brilliant blog,  that I really could do a better job applying myself to my writing. Now, I will never claim to be as talented, or as humorous, as my one time professor and much later time hero, Greg, but copying and pasting other blog entries is simply a way to fill space. I just so turns out that I have a LOT of time… not because I want it, per se, but  more or less because there just isn’t anything else going for me right now. With a quiet and empty house, no dog, no girlfriend, friends in school or busy, and the birds going to bed earlier and earlier (not that big of an issue ;)), I just can’t find enough to do. I know it won’t always be this way.

I also came to realize to day that my conversation ability is strangely lacking, in the sense that when it comes down to getting my point across, I am really not very good at it. More confusing than anything else… so in that sense people are perhaps better off before I started talking than after. Most people tend to get a glazed look in their eyes before I get half-way through what I want to say. To further, jab the knife in, one of the guys in our Sunday night group kept dozing off… only when I was saying something. Alas, perhaps God has made me a better listener than talker. That’s not all bad. Point, Nate, point… basically, I imagine that writing and getting this out in a line may help in putting thoughts together into coherent sentences. Hopefully…

So here’s to rededications.  Onward!