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  1. Hey Nate, i am enjoying the encounter with your blog! Was wondering how you reconcile the origins of Yoga with the desire to encounter people in the third places. I understand the concept… just investigating the contrasts. Looking forward to touring your Celtic Cow Ranch! Blessings…from the great white north… where we have fourth places… called igloos!


  2. After listening to your Spiritual Integration pod cast, my hope is that you will offer this course of study in the near future. I am very moved by what I am hearing. Honestly, I had felt extremely alone here and isolated until I heard this. Sadly not many are even near to this sort of a perspective (yet) and i have had a difficult time finding community (even- or especially at church). I could cry for the sense of relief that just knowing this is happening here empowers me with. At the very least, I am very heartened by the new reading material to investigate.
    Thank You for bringing such an authentic work to my home town!
    Cari Dolyniuk


  3. Hi Nate, I just read you blog post. I am moved. Thank you, it really is hard to be really open about struggling, your openness shared reveals your hope and love for you brothers and sisters ! Thank you Nate.
    Val Gervais


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