Third places…

It is in the third places that people connect. Not home and not work. Coffee houses, pubs, yoga studios, art studios, skate parks, etc. This is the arena where people get plugged in. It is our hope as a community to begin to build a network of third places that support each other and where we circulate. Here, we live the presence of God to others. Here, we invite others to be a part of loving and sustainable community.

Current Third Places we support:

  • Common Table – This amazing non-profit cafe opened in September of 2010 and I visit multiple times a week. Supporting local farmers, providing gluten and dairy free (as well as vegan) options, and a passion for community, CT is the place to go. Feed all people, cherish the earth, pursue awareness.
  • Townshends Tea – Best place for tea in Central Oregon… without a doubt. Good spot for mid-day or evening conversations when you want to keep the caffeine down.
  • Backporch coffee Roasters – such an amazing place with amazing barristas. This would be the place I would choose for an early or late-morning hang-out
  • Mandala Yoga Community – THE HUB… seriously. At myc, we are really trying to get back to the heart of yoga… that being union with God in all areas of life. We are focusing on community and we are focusing on integration, not just the exercise aspect of yoga. I can’t even begin to describe the many, many exciting things that are happening here!
  • Poethouse art Studio – An amazing non-profit studio, music venue, party place, and all around cool place to hang out. Right across the hall from myc. First Fridays in Bend… why go anywhere else for the art walk?
  • Deschutes Brew Pub – It’s pretty unlikely that you will find me drinking beer at any other place in town. I am there at least twice a month… sometime 4 or 5 times.
  • Lone Pine Coffee Roasters – this new coffee.roasting venue in Bend is small but of epic atmosphere. Scott’s got some good stuff brewing… why would you want to go any further than Tin Pan alley
  • Dudley’s bookstore – My new favorite spot for used books and quiet conversation and study. The upstairs is amazing… Don’t be surprised if I suggest it for a one-on-one conversation or spiritual direction.
  • Bend Farmers Market – Couldn’t be a better place to see the community than here. Especially Wednesday afternoons.

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