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2014-06-09 19.58.49I read enough books these days, that I figure it might be good to share some of the love. As the possibility of Kat and my dreams coming true for how|where|why we want to live as a family become more and more real, there are certain books that we find that are “must own”s.  Whole Larder Love is one of those books. It’s not just that anything that has to do with larders, hunting, fishing, or preserving our own food causes our heart’s to beat a bit stronger. The book is beautiful. Rohan Anderson, with his wonderful photography and passion for a more “hand’s on” way of being involved with his food, is right up our alley.

IMG_20140609_111903I can’t recommend this book enough. There is so much helpful information here, especially if your passion is growing, gathering, hunting, or cooking.  Or if you like photography, vintage, well-crafted books, or urban homesteading. One of the best things about the book is that almost all the recipes are made with things that Anderson has grown or preserved himself and that he make regularly for his family. The recipes are doable. Whole Larder Love is an inspiration and will be one of our very heavily used resources. You might want to check out the WholeLarderLove Blog as well.

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