Quotes from my brain during transition time

So we moved! Wow… after some crazy amounts of driving, a very packed schedule sleeping in many different places, we have landed in Portland, OR. I think the best way to write about this time is to quote my brain… yes, a few of the things that have been tumbling around during this last week. And no, I don’t think I can really give you every thing that has tumble through there.

“Lord Almighty, can we please be done with this driving?”

“Seriously?!? is my side view mirror broken on this huge-ass moving truck? And right where I need to see the cars behind me…”

“Seriously?!? is Kat really crying again?”

“Ok… this house is not what we thought it would be. Way too much money for this condition.”

“Oh boy, Kat is NOT going to like this.”

“Nope. She’s crying again… I guess not.”

“Wait, this window is painted shut… wait, so is this one… um, this back door doesn’t open!”

“Where is my beer?”

“Does beer help my back?”

“Is Coco running around the neighborhood already?”

“Great, you mean you have to draw my blood for this job? This may not be good…”

“Hey, why am I on the floor again… Oh yah, I fainted. And I have to do it again in one week?”

“If I drink a beer before giving blood, will it help with the fainting?”

“Finally… movies in the living room. And the books on the shelves. It’s starting to feel like home.”

“Birds on the feeder. Coffee in our new kitchen. Bacon. Ahhh”


“God… Brendan is so amazing. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful and hilarious boy.”

“Who is this woman I married?!? We have been through a lot and our love is still growing… Ok… 6:30 am wake up. Hey she got a card for our anniversary. Is it too early (or too late?!?) to run to the store to get some flowers and a card for her… I suppose if I hurry I can get back before she gets up.”

There’s probably about a hundred more I could list here, but this gives you a general idea.

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