The art of asking questions

I mentioned in my post yesterday, that there really is an art of asking the right questions. This is something that I have been conscious of and developing for many years now. There are times where I feel very attentive, and of course, more often than not at this stage, not aware at the right moments.

In our conversations, we need to be so attentive to what we are saying and what we are inquiring about (especially for those of us called to be in conversation and listen as a way of life and calling). Is this conversation about me? or is this conversation to be about the other? Is this question I am about to ask going to serve to other or is going to serve my own curiosity and desire for more information? Is my place in this conversation being dictated by my own ego or my desire to hold space for the other’s discovery?

All these questions are so important to ask and be aware of. If we are not aware, we may very well not hold the space the other deserves or needs in this moment.

At the same time, we must let go the questioning of our intent. It is very possible that we will find ourselves, asking ourselves the questions rather than asking of the other. It really is when I am able to let go of the personal inquiry and listen to the Spirit and the other that the right questions come out. And this is when the magic happens. This is when the transformation happens.

I encourage and invite you to take a look at the page on Spiritual Companioning and direction that I have put together. It will give a good description of my passion for this stage in the journey.

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