To tell or not to tell…

A mystic returned to his community after months of being in the desert in contemplation.

“Tell us about your encounters with the Divine,” they said. “Tell us what God is like.”

The mystic hesitated to tell them anything. How could he put such experiences of the heart and soul into words? He knew they wanted a formula… something that he could not accurately give them. But he gave them a hint, however… a few words, in the hope that they would be inspired to seek for themselves.

But, the people made sacred texts out of his words. They built shrines, temples, churches to celebrate his experience. They created programs where they could tell others about his words. They spread his message far and wide.

And none of them had the experience themselves.

All the while, the mystic wished he had told them nothing at all.

2 thoughts on “To tell or not to tell…

  1. This is really good. Did you get it from somewhere or did you quote it from someone else. I’d like to use it and cite it if possible.


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