Focusing the blog… my four pillars

The blog has gotten a little make-over… updated and focused. The main change has to do with the addition of my four main areas of focus for my part in bridgeWorks and my own personal practice of connecting men and women into communities where they can explore their souls and their connection with God. I know that when I am addressing these four areas, I am on the right path and focusing correctly on things that are worthwhile for building sustainability.

With that, here are the four community rhythms I focus on, shared practices… ongoing and open to all. Conscious Cooperation of Collective Imagination REQUIRED.

Check out the separate pages for each…. hopefully they’ll be updated regularly.

One thought on “Focusing the blog… my four pillars

  1. Dear Nate, I like your design and look forward to reading your blog regularly. You have much to share in words and as you model servant leadership. Lorraine


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