Thoughts from the roadshow guys themselves

While the roadshow is a lot of laughs, a lot of character personas, and some singing as well it really comes down to this… as Tony says:

the point is deadly serious. We think that the church — even Christianity — needs an overhaul. Although we begin and end the show as 1908 revivalists, the bulk of the 90 minute show is our three monologues in which we each deliver a message about which we are passionate. In a nutshell, Doug [Pagitt] says that each of us is just as responsible for the faith we proclaim as any theologian or saint who has gone before us, I [Tony Jones] confess to be enamored of the idea of Christianity at the expense of Jesus, and Mark [Scandrette] calls us to love others regardless of the pay-off.

Good stuff here, and they’re rollin’ into Bend, Oregon this coming Tuesday, June 24 7pm at First Presbyterian Church.

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