Shepherds and Knuckleheads Gather once again

7:00pm Bend Brewing Company Tonight

Gathering once again we wonder together over the questions… the juicy ones… the questions that we don’t get the permission to ask, but perhaps we ponder more often than we care to admit. Questions that keep us awake at night. Questions that we keep coming back to and our answers keep changing when we are up and when we are down.

Our Bard for the evening, Bruce Schweitzer will give us the invitation into the question of the evening… and a rich one it is.
There will be story… there will be beer. Guests from Seattle, Portland… parker, our founding knucklehead will be joining in the hosting | priesting | holding of the space.

If you have written anything that you may feel inclined to share, bring it along… our space is open and safe enough for sharing.

So bring yourself… and bring any others who might feel so inclined to BE with us.
May you find your shepherd-ness in the midst of the knucklehead,

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