A change of Space

Our Sunday night gathering is in the midst of a truly life-giving weekly conversation focused on “Why we do What we do…” (Intro here) This Sunday we will be moving into our new space back at First Presbyterian… the side chapel with the funky stain glass windows. This is timely as our conversation will be focused on “The Importance of Sacred Space Why meet here?

Personally, I am so excited as my folks will be in Bend for the first time ever. They’ll be joining us for our conversation. Also, parker from Seattle (the original Knucklehead) and Carley from Portland (who is doing some very exciting things in the Presbyterian | Emergent church there). This week’s conversation, I believe, will prove to be quite intense as we encounter such a wide array of stories around the idea of whether space matters to our community gathering | worship.

On a very significant note for me… a year ago today I was turned down for the position I was hoping for at Wenatchee Free Methodist Church. I had a lot banking on this job as it was the first real interview since I graduated seminary a year before in ’06. They flew me out and so many things had seemed to go so well. Wenatchee was on my top five places to live in the country… of course, I knew nothing about Bend at the time. When I found out that I was not to be moving to Wenatchee I was shattered and got pretty desperate looking for ways of planting a church there. I was at a point that I was feeling so disconnected with traditional church that I could do nothing but start one of my own with similar minded folks. A week and a half later, I found First Pres Bend, and a month later I was gearing up to move out here.

So here I am… on the journey of beginning. Below are some pics of our new space and the beginning there.

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