Knowing what I don’t know

Heard someone say today that the most important thing we can know is what we don’t know. “We don’t know anything! We’re massively ignorant! We see less than one one-trillionth of one percent of physical reality, let alone spiritual reality… And we just have to know what we don’t know, and what we don’t know is almost everything. Which is why we can’t know why Suzie got healed and Johnny died… But see knowing what we don’t know is profoundly important. The most important thing to know is what you don’t know. ‘Cause if you know what you don’t know you don’t get sucked into formulas that give a bad picture of God and indite people. If you know what you don’t know, you get comfortable saying ‘I DON’T KNOW!!’ Three very, very important words in our language. We swim in an infinite see of unknowability. What we call things we know is a little parameter… a little oasis of pseudo-knowledge floating in a sea of mystery.”

Writing a Facebook note today I wrote: “I feel like I am only at the beginning of learning. Maybe I will always be there…” I’ve been dreaming a lot more lately of adding a bit more meat to our Sunday night Gatherings. A little more leadership. We are starting a series after Easter regarding community. What is community? What is the value of community? What does it take to build community? What happens through intentional community… the “more” beyond community?

This will be a great chance to finally dig in deep and put more work into the discussions. Remembering, though, in the midst of this, that I am still learning. The group teaches me as much as or more than I can teach them.

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