Becoming the invitation… defining success

When our success is marked by quantitative measures, we are bound for unfulfillment… for it seems to measure our success by the number of people who show up, the amount of profit we produce versus the amount we spend, or the number of products sold, we are going to get stuck… stuck trying to get more. Nothing is ever enough.

BUT… to realign our focus to something less tangible… to make the point about the invitation, not an invitation that is a quantitative product, but one that is of ourselves. This changes the way we see the world. To BE the invitation, always open, always calling others to something more, always reading to accept and listen, is to see success around every corner.

To BE the invitation is to see ultimate and lifelong success in one receiving, in one opening in trust. And trust… trust is given in a confiding. Trust is given in receiving of a gift. Trust is given in a phone call. It takes trust to make ANY move towards some sort of relationship… or a deepening into more relationship. So not only is one showing of trust enough to make life successful, but one showing of trust is never all that we experience. By no means!! To live as an invitation is to see trust giving happen everywhere! And it does… its inevitable. Granted some will not respond, but most, most cannot refuse… even to a small extent.

Success… trusting… it is my hope and my dream… my vision… to witness the growth into this of many, many women and men. This is where it starts. It is the beginning of a glimpse into the kingdom of God. This is transformation…

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