Sigh… of relief

Breathing a sigh of relief… I’m on through June. Amazing!!

I should add to this saying that the Wild Goose continues to push on forward… shaking the ground and turning our worlds upside down. (I saw this shaking in my minds eye today… and am only beginning to know what it really looks like)

This decision by Session is not only affirming and powerful, but it is inspiring for more movement, more communication, and further growth. More and more are people beginning to see the potential for the future and the impact this might have on our church as a whole. Keep those conversations coming. Face to face we will dream together. Life on life we will transform together.

And now, tomorrow, Wednesday, off to the Midwest. A joyous day of travel and adventure!

3 thoughts on “Sigh… of relief

  1. Thanks matt… and I think it really is more than just wants… hopes, affirmed. Vision confirmed.

    It’s crazy… it’s really as though, I don’t have another plan. This is it… Somehow, someway I’ve got to do it. I have to be ready for whatever happens. My heart is with this ministry… with the people who do not find connection with the way we have done things before. My heart is with those who have been burned and disillusioned. I really want to see people’s dreams come true, hope restored, transformation to happen.

    It’s times like these that I feel like this is what God wants too. Would I follow even if the news wasn’t good? No plan B. I would just have to get more creative.

    Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. I look forward to the new year when we can continue going forward together.


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