The Culmination Point!!

The three month point was not too bad. There wasn’t so much at risk after doing this emerging community for such a short time. I didn’t want to leave Bend… but it was pretty likely that I would at least be around for another 3 months. This is different. After being here for six months, seeing some amazing things happening, relationships being build, connections made, movement… this is part of me now. Whether I am supported by First Presbyterian or not, I keep going forward. I have to! I will find another way, albeit much more difficult.

So I see this time right now as such a culmination of things. Have I emphasized enough how related this ministry is to the rest of what is going on in Bend and at First Pres? Has the communication been enough? Do enough people know what we are about and where we are going? Do they need me? Do they need this ministry? And if yes, do they feel the need strong enough to contribute the funding?

The last few weeks have been almost magical with how things have fallen into place. Monday night’s gathering at Silver Moon for $2 pints, free fooseball and pool. 20 some new connections, laughs, introductions, spiritual conversations. Connections with members of Session (the decision making board), hearing their thoughts on ministry and their passion for our church. People contacting me after just google searching “house church,” “emerging church,” “Bend,” etc. Dreams of non-profit coffee shops, pub conversations, spiritual formation. Recent support from the New Church Development team. Parker and “The Shepherd and the Knucklehead” (Bend’s “Bard and the Bumbler?”).

651069768_09f3f3a7d0_o.jpgThe Goose has landed. He flies where he wills and will not be predicted. He is not tame, he cannot be boxed in or caged up. He is wild and free. But he moves, he gives LIFE and fills with passion and excitement. We must be ready!

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