Where we’re at

Sheesh! It has indeed been a while since I actually put much of my own thoughts up here. I suppose weekends tend to be full of activity and connections and this week was no exception. Mucho games (10 hours of Euro-games with new friends!!), hanging out with Bill and Jackie Dahl (8 people sleeping over, four greyhounds, and one black lab puppy… a near zoo), and Sunday events.

Things continue to take shape for our emerging community, which has begun to take on the name “The Gathering.” We are really a gathering of people from all different walks of life, who have a number of gathering opportunities where we share life together and explore how we might follow God in the way of Jesus. Then again, there are some who are not interested in expression of faith… they are welcome as well, surely not excluded. This is the direction we continue to move in, so we are going with it. The Gathering… has a nice ring to it.

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