Settlers online: No longer restricted by being alone

Okay, so this is nerdy…

Last week, as I was talking to my brother Greg in MN, he mentioned that our brother Tim, who is in WI, has been playing Settlers online. “No WAY!!” I thought. “This is crazy. We gotta get a game going.” Well, we ended up connecting up with Tim, got on Skype conference call, and got a game going!

Now, I should give some context. My siblings and I(I’m the oldest), four in five years, are close. We all lived in Minneapolis / St Paul area together and hung out almost weekly. We were all in school together, Brittany and I at Bethel. Greg and Tim at University of MN. Well, through life’s crazy events, Tim went to Germany and then came back to WI. Britt’s working full time. I’m out in Bend, OR. Greg and his wife moved a little further away from the cities. We got fragmented. That’s really hard being in this new place and having the family so far away.

Settlers of Catan comes into the picture with my brothers and I. We are pretty addicted… and when it comes to Bettger intensity, there is just nothing that brings it out like a good game of Settlers. Table talk, manipulation, ganging up, laughs, inside jokes and terminology. I usually lose, Greg usually wins. Well, when I found out that we could now play even though we are are so far apart, I am hooked.  Not too mention that I can now practice without having to get the board out. It’s amazing! I suppose I’m okay with this kind of nerdy.

We have a game going tonight. And yah, I’ll probably waste ’em.

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