One thought on “Washing Osama’s feet

  1. Nate,

    I have met you once or twice at the church, but I would be surprised if you remembered me. I am the wedding coordinator, and we run in the same circles, but they are wide, and busy circles, aren’t they?

    Anyway, in a weird twist of aquaintanceship, a friend of mine found your blog, and suggested I contact you. I am involved in a gaming group that generally plays once a week, either on Friday or Saturday night. We play Eurogames of the Settlers of Catan variety. We have played two different versions of Settlers, but we have a pretty large repertoirs to choose from, so we don’t get to any game very often.

    In reading your blog (which he is enjoying very much – especially the post about running), he saw your affinity for Settlers. So, he asked me (the Presbyterian of the group), if I knew you, and you can imagine how the conversation led us to extending an invitation to you.

    Our group is usually three or four or five or six people, all of the young adult to retired adult variety. We would love it if you might be interested in joining us for a session sometime.

    Is gaming something you can make time for, or are you kept busy, busy, busy with the demands of your internship?

    – Michele Clements


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